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As part of our project for developing fundamental technologies for the fine ceramics industry, the JFCC has developed and distributed various practical reference materials to the industry. The practical reference materials refer to common samples or sensors that are used to verify and ensure the reliability of evaluation methods for material properties and manufacturing processes.

Data on the properties of the practical reference materials distributed by the JFCC are published in the form of Technical Reports. The systematic distribution of practical reference materials together with their property data is called the "Open Materials System". Since users can obtain a set of practical reference materials and the associated data, they can analyze the process conditions which affect the various material properties.

To advance practical applications of the Open Materials System, the JFCC has pursued the development and distribution of practical reference materials together with the publication of the Technical Reports. The distribution of practical reference materials is described below.

Practical reference Materials Available for Distribution

Practical thermal history sensors (Referthermo)


In the ceramics manufacturing process, the firing process is crucial in controlling quality characteristics. Referthermo is a practical thermal history sensor that allows simple and accurate assessments of overall thermal history for the firing process management.
Five types of Referthermo sensors are available, depending on the applicable temperature ranges (600°C–1,700°C).

The firing conditions can be managed simply by firing a Referthermo sensor together with the products and measuring the lengths of the sensors after the process to assess firing conditions.

For more information

Referthermo Users’ Manual

Practical reference materials for thermal diffusivity measurements (TD-AL)


The thermal diffusivity of ceramics is often measured by the flash method.A practical reference material is needed to evaluate the measurement uncertainty.
TD-AL is a practical reference material for the thermal diffusivity measurement by the flash method in the temperature range from room temperature to 1000 K.

Practical reference materials for complex dielectric constant measurements at microwave frequencies (ER-ZST)


The dielectric properties of ceramics are measured by the dielectric resonance method. To evaluate the accuracy of this method, a pair of practical reference materials with consistent dielectric properties is required. ER-ZST is a practical reference material with stable dielectric properties for 5 GHz.

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