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1 Invitation of membership
2 About membership system
3 Advantages of membership
4 Entrance qualification procedure
Supporting Member
1 Invitation of membership
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Research and development is being actively conducted on fine ceramics as new materials that support high-technology industry by each department and their use is being extended. However, many problems must be solved to use excellent characteristics of fine ceramics and promote sophistication and vitalization of industries.
Japan Fine Ceramics Center was founded as a national center to solve these problems on May, 1985, and received particular assistance from industries, public agencies and academic society nationwide, built fine-designed buildings and leading-edge research facilities and had excellent researchers and engineers. JFCC has been promoting business activities, mainly research and development of testing and evaluation of fine ceramics, to establish a technical basis concerning fine ceramics.
A purpose of JFCC is to conduct applied research that leads to the establishment of an integrated testing and evaluation system and commercialization in industries, and to contribute to the promotion of the fine ceramics industry. As a business activity for this purpose, JFCC determines testing and evaluation methods, promotes standardization, performs systematic research and development, and conducts contracted operations, personnel training, technical guidance, information services, small and medium-sized firms fosterage, and international cooperation.
As part of these business activities, the "supporting member system" was established in 1987 and has been used by a lot of people. It is intended to obtain support from industrial world, conduct JFCC business activities smoothly and make them easy to use.
We hope you agree with this spirit and apply for supporting membership.
2 About membership system
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Supporting Membership System

Companies, groups, research institutions or individuals who agree with the business purpose of JFCC and pay their membership fees.

Member title
Members are called "supporting members".

Supporting membership fee
A unit is 50,000 yen per business year.

1. A business year is from April to next March. If you become a member before September, pay a membership fee for a year, and if you become a member after October, pay a membership fee for half a year.
2. Pay supporting membership fees by the end of April every year. For the first year, pay membership fee by the end of the month in which your application is approved.
3. Membership qualification is updated every year unless it is canceled.
4. To resign membership, submit notice of withdrawal to JFCC. Paid membership fees are not refunded.
5. If the member is a group, advantages of the member concerning testing researches that conducted as a business activity of the group are provided.
3 Advantages of members
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Advantages of supporting members
Item Advantages of members
Contracted testing fee discount 10% as a rule
Equipment rental charge discount 15% as a rule
FC standard reference material price discount
(Referthermo is not covered)
5% as a rule
Free distribution of periodical publications JFCC news
Publication fee discount 15% for technical documents such as technical reports
Delivery of information for events held by JFCC
* JFCC annual workshop
* Training workshops, seminars, FC symposium, etc.
4 Entrance qualification procedure
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Application by mail
Download the application form and membership list below, fill them out completely and send them by mail.

docx Supporting member application form/membership list (docx/29k bytes)
For more information on supporting members, contact the following:

2-4-1 Mutsuno, Atsuta, Nagoya, 456-8587, Japan
R&D Planning & Administration Department
Japan Fine Ceramics Center
Phone: +81-52-871-3500 FAX: +81-52-871-3599
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