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JFCC is undertaking enterprises for contribution to our society.
Pursuit of originality and innovation From national pioneering research and development to supporting industrial competitiveness enhancement
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JFCC external view
For the earth-friendly 21st century.
Fine ceramics have bright prospects as excellent materials that support advanced industrial society and civil life.
Dream materials Fine ceramics
Overview of the Center

Purpose of establishment
JFCC has been established to improve the quality of products through establishment of a technical basis, mainly integrated testing and evaluation systems regarding fine ceramics and research and development, contribute to future utilization and expansion of applications, promote fine ceramics industries, enhance our economy and improve our life.

May 1985 : Establishment approved by Minister for International Trade and Industry.
June 1985 : Non-profit organization permitted.
April 1987 : Building and facility completed and business started.
Description of JFCC business activities

The JFCC's philosophy of business is "to always think from the standpoint of users of technologies". Therefore, JFCC thinks it is most important to make practical research, not merely academic research. Currently, JFCC is dealing with five business activities: "Research and development" , "Development of technological infrastructure" , "Projects for small and medium-sized enterprises" , "Public relations and promotional activities" , and "International cooperation". JFCC's continuous challenge is to exploit the unlimited possibilities of fine ceramics to develop and vitalize industries.


2-4-1 Mutsuno, Atsuta, Nagoya, 456-8587, Japan
Phone : +81-52-871-3500
FAX : +81-52-871-3505


Transportation guide
(1) 7 minutes walk from "Atsuta" Station of JR Tokaido Line.
(2) 10 minutes walk from East exit of "Jingumae" Station of Meitetsu Line.
(3) 10 minutes walk from Exit 2 of "Jingu Nishi" Station of Subway Meijo Line.
(4) About 20 minutes by taxi from Nagoya Station.
(5) By car, go East at Hatayacho intersection on Route 19, then stop at the second signal (left side).

Route map

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