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Description of JFCC business activities

Research and development
Research and development of materials (mainly ceramics), manufacturing technology and evaluation technology
Analysis by electron microscopy Optical materials research Thin-film materials research
Analysis by electron microscopy Optical materials research Thin-film materials research
New dream materials with various beneficial properties, fine ceramics. JFCC has complete high-performance testing facilities and performs basic research by observing and analyzing the structure of fine ceramics at the atomic level. It also studies complicated manufacturing processes from production of raw material powders to sintering. In addition, the scope of research is further being extended to applied technologies and application of fine ceramics to the Earth's environmental problems.
JFCC is aiming at COE of the world. Researchers from many companies or foreign relevant organizations have been dispatched to JFCC for learning. People in the world are placing expectations on promotion of international standardization regarding testing and evaluation methods and joint research of the Earth's environmental problems, which are the world's common tasks.

Development of technical infrastructure
Construction of material database, development of standard reference material and standardization activities
Material database Standard reference material Industrial standard
Material database Standard reference material Industrial standard
It is extremely important to "measure", "observe" and recognize "facts" correctly in research and development. A "scale" is necessary for correct measurement. "Scales" are created by the development of technical infrastructure.
Specifically, they include material property evaluation methods, fine particle characteristics and manufacturing process evaluation methods, database and design handbook production. Now, "anticipated standardization" is required in the research and development stage in the fine ceramics industry.
JFCC is actively working toward development and distribution of "standard reference materials", such as Refer-series, and publication of technical reports to develop an open material system (OMS), which is a new concept of the anticipated standardization. The results are highly evaluated internationally and JFCC is one of the leading members of a committee for establishment of fine ceramics as international standard ISO.

Projects for small and medium-sized enterprises
Technical consultation, human resources development and holding of seminars
Technical consultation Training Seminars
Technical consultation Training Seminars
Development of human resources with excellent technical capabilities is indispensable for development of fine ceramics. JFCC provides small and medium-sized firms opportunities to learn the latest knowledge on fine ceramics. In addition, it supports small and medium-sized firms in many ways, such as education of researchers, acceptance of trainees, technical consultation and technical cooperation.

Public relations and promotional activities
Sponsoring of fine ceramics fair, presentation R&D results and exhibition hall
Fine ceramics fair Public presentation of results Exhibition hall
International ceramic exhibition Public presentation of results Exhibition hall
Some products made by fine ceramics manufacturers and results of studies are always shown in a JFCC exhibition hall so that everyone understands fine ceramics. New products, industry trends and technical information are provided in International ceramic exhibition that are held every other year.

International cooperation
Holding of international workshop, researcher exchange programs and trainee workshop
International workshop Consultation with foreign researcher Reception of foreign trainees
International workshop Consultation with foreign researcher Reception of foreign trainees
JFCC is aiming at being a global research center. It holds international workshops to invite foreign researchers and engineers for discussion, and invites foreign researchers and dispatches researchers by using a fellowship system. It provides group training for foreign trainees and functions as a key station for international exchange.

Academic society - Public agencies - Industrial world

JFCC is always closely connected with universities,
public research institutions, companies and public agencies.
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